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In other words, what spanking porn needs is an actor who can cry at will ... like Glenn Beck.

Chris H

I'm all for giving some harsh punishment, lleelly, but I have to cringe at the idea of actually seeing him naked. Maybe we can skip to the punishment without the porn angle?


Dammit! You're the second person in two months to try to put the image of Glenn Beck naked into my head! WTF is wrong with you people!?


Hmm I think crying will be hot. But a different kind of crying. You get spanked and "cry for more". Every spank arouses you and you will want to have more of those.

(Name and link removed due to commercial content - GC)


I suggest we make Glenn leave his top on, instead of his hat as the old song says. Although that strikes me as comedy than porn.

I totally get what you mean about wanting to see real emotion in porn, so you know the actors aren't just making grocery lists in their heads. I can't really relate to making someone so humiliated and scared and ashamed that they cry. I like the physical sensation and the ego boost of being allowed to do this thing that not many women will allow another woman to do to them.

As for when I'm on the receiving end, part of the rush for me is the combination of the feelings you mention, with the feeling of strength/toughness that comes from knowing I can take it. Even the crying spanking models have that toughness: if they were really completely broken down, they would just crawl away. But they don't.

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