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Dan Savage has said that many sex writers treat male sexuality with a staggering level of casual disrespect, and that he thinks that's why he gets a lot more e-mail form men than most other sex advice columnists. I don't know if that is the reason he gets e-mail form straight men, but I do agree there is a lot of ridiculous myth-mongering about male sexuality nowadays.


I had a promising career as a sex writer until I instituted my controversial "show me your tits and I'll publish your letter" policy.

Turns out few people keep them as pets, because they really crap up the birdcage.


Nice one, Jfazt :)

Jim Baerg

It sounds like the subject of this post belongs here

Aardvark Cheeselog

I do not know this word, "suspectability." Google & bing find only this blog post, and a lot of hits that are clear misspellings of "susceptability." I'm guessing you meant to spell it the way you did: can you offer a definition?

Greta Christina
I do not know this word, "suspectability."

It means "the state of being suspected, or being more than usually likely to be suspected."

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