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HOT! (so I guess I'm a sick fuck...)

Someday I want to write an erotic story from the point of view of god- an omniscient view that tires of incorporeal existence and therefore attempts to experience feelings of locality and mortality by interposing himself into torture and snuff scenarios-- but everytime after the physical being being possessed is snuffed out the lack of consciousness achieved by the infinite being is only temporary, fleeting, and addictive. The frustration and desire is fueled by infinite impossibility of lasting fulfillment due to the very natures of the beings involved and the next target is chosen...

hmmm, yes, I am definitely a sick fuck.


Yes, I am, and have always been, a devoted member of the sick fuck club. story. Went straight to my pussy.

Greta Christina

n and Nanccy: Oh, thank God. I hadn't read that story since I finished writing it (a few weeks/ couple months ago), and when I re-read it on Fishnet I was like, "What the fuck was I thinking? This is waaay too much." So glad other people are getting into it.

The Nerd

This story made me feel feelings in all of my special places. I have a strong appreciation for stories with that extra layer of religious guilt. It must be my Christian background. Thank you for not holding back.

Monica C.

I think the layer of religious guilt did it for me, too. I wanted the story to be longer, and was disappointed that we didn't get to read the rest of what should have happened to Mary.

Hot stuff!

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