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Maybe in future weeks you could post pictures of fur everywhere or litter boxes, because I know I shouldn't get a cat, I know that they're way more work than I want them to be, and ridiculously cute pictures like this really aren't helping.

Peter N


You know you need a cat. And somewhere, there's a cat that needs you. Get going.


Belly rubs are the most awesome part of being a cat. Or at least, I suppose they are. I mean, my cat loves them ... until he doesn't, then he bites me. Of course, he snuggles me right away, to show that he still loves me. Then I have to ruff him up a bit to show that I still love him. ;-)

David Moisan

I've known (and have been owned by) cats over the years and it's not common to find cats who love belly rubs.

The last cat that owned me (16 years, still miss her) hated them. But loved it when I held her on her back and scratched her chin, when she gave me an upside down glazed look, just like Lydia's, that suggested I should continue scratching indefinitely.

Palomitas en los ojos

Hi I´m a big fan of your blog from Spain... I´ve translated and quote several of your writings in my latest post (parts of the "Girls Go Wild" affair) for my queer-pop oriented blog. So you´re now available for non-English readers. Thank you for your ideas.

Paul Lundgren

That's too adorable for words... :-)

Jerry Coyne

Hey! Great pictures! Send me the belleh-rub one and I'll make it a Caturday Felid!

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