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I agree wholeheartedly; I'm a regular Guardian reader, but find Andrew Brown to be an unmitigated wanker.

One other point: Some coverups are worse than others. Suppose an Archbishop says to a rapist priest, "We're covering up your crime, but on condition you accept this transfer to a monastery in the middle of nowhere. Refuse, and we hang you out to dry." Still morally reprehensible, but a far cry from sending him to another pastoral position where he will continue to have contact with children.

As for why they didn't do this... bureaucratic convenience? A shortage of priests such that they want to keep even child rapists in service to make up the numbers? A reckless and destructive (yet distinctly Christian) belief that if you confess and claim to repent, all should be forgiven and you suddenly have a clean slate? I don't know, but any plausible answers make the Catholic hierarchy look even more evil than before.


D'oh! Wrong post, this comment should of course have been on the Catholic-church one.

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