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How many idiots are claiming that "it is too the case"?


From the purest standpoint, it's a troubling argument. Because if morality is deeply tied up in the concept of believing in religion anyway, maybe you could never be "morally just" in the eyes of a zealot. I.e. belief might be a prerequisite to morality in some people's eyes. Take Mother Theresa and subtract religion, and maybe the zealots would say she can no longer claim a moral high-ground. All she is is a f$#&@* nice person.


lots claim it is "too" the case and if one brings up the vast numbers of examples about how religion does not confer morality, they claim that the examples weren't "real" Christians, Muslims, etc. I see it every day on the WWGHA forums. As for Mother Theresa, she was not the "nice" person that has been marketed. Just do a little research on her and find out.

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