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Robyn Slinger

Pff, obviously if life was the product of a designer, it would most likely be Bastet having designed humans to serve catkind.

Otherwise, why should I tolerate a moggy sitting on my lap purring when it makes it so difficult typing on the laptop's keyboard?


Alternet commenters make me sad. I have to will myself not to scroll past your (as always excellent) articles.

David Ashton

Great article, as always. I hope that you are paid A LOT of money from alternet. The commenters there make me want to reconsider my position on forced sterilization for idiots.


Sometimes, when reading your articles about "Shut up, that's why" arguments I wonder who you are arguing against. I then read the alter-net comments and realise.

I've half a mind to do a tally. The two most common seem to be "You can't prove it with 100% certainty" and "It's rude to even try to convince anyone of anything".


Word Salad also seems to be a common argument proffered by Alternet commenters.

Account Deleted

David Ashton, your name is only two letters different than mine, and in fact my mom once suggested I change my name to David Ashton to avoid annoying mispronunciations.

On topic, it could be worse, commenter wise. I mean, yeah, they're awful but not as obnoxious as say, Jezebel or Slate (just to pick two recent reads).

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