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I wish my old cat would wrestle with the mats... Her favorite thing to massacre is a roll of toilet paper. I don't know how many rolls of paper have fallen victim to her through the years, but it's many. I thought she would be less energetic in this when she got older, but... she's 19 years old now and there's still at least one toilet paper roll-kill a week. :-)

<JohnCleese> Here, ve see a cat engaged in a liff or death struggle viz ze yoga mat.

Nurse Ingrid

arensb: I was just going to say, "the cat sat on the mat." (also referencing MPFC, of course!)

But I like yours much better.


That's an adorably fat cat. And, you can be relieved that your cat prefers to battle yoga mats rather than bring you still alive baby mice to try to teach you how to hunt like my sister's cat does for her.


At least she straightened it out when she was done. That was nice of her.

Robyn Slinger

Hmm... Last time my cat did this the carpet won :-/

chicago dyke

my cats always try to do yoga with me. as a friend of mine likes to say, "cats *are* yoga," meaning that they naturally possess all the awareness of body and breathing that yoga seeks to instill in practitioners.

Chicago Dyke:
Color me skeptical. In Wii Fit, there's a game where you have to sit as still as possible for as long as possible.

I figured my cat would be a natural at this, since she's old enough to be in the "warm-blooded furniture" stage. And yet I consistently beat her at this game.

Yes, further experimentation is still required. But so far, my data points to "cats are yoga" being false. Sorry.


In that last picture your kitty isn't pretending like nothing happened, she's licking her claws for a job well done. :)


"What cat freakout? I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."

And cd: Diane DiMassa on cat yoga.


She's just prying the yoga mat debris out of her paws. I mean, after going Ninja on it's ass, what do you expect?! :-D My 17lb, 14 year old furball is at this very moment chasing a ball around the living room. I think the ball is winning and the living room is losing (carpet fibers and couch threads, that is).


ah we have the "fake oriental carpet that must die" in our house. With six of the beasties, it's under siege most days. Any time I've tried to meditate (no yoga, I am the anti-yoga with my poor stiff bod) a cat appears, generally sniffing my face as if to see if I'm still breathing.

chicago dyke

Color me skeptical. In Wii Fit,

Wii yoga is to Iyengar Yoga like GW Bush is to an intelligent hominid. try the real thing some time, and turn off the glowing box. you can't really do real yoga if you're staring at a screen.

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