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I like to challenge them with Santa Claus: Prove to me that he doesn't exist! And of course they can't. But what we can say about Santa, what we know, is that he's a fictional character, very loosely based on a real historical figure. Much like Jesus, except for the real historical figure part.


I use Santa Clause for a similar purpose, when Christians tell me that I just have to accept that Jesus exists and then he'll then come into my heart. I'll tell them that I can't force myself to believe something that I don't have enough evidence to support. It's not a choice, it's a fact of my biology, and everyone's biology actually.

Something obviously convinced Christians to believe (or they were brainwashed as a child) but my standards are way higher.


On the negative-reinforcement side, I'm not 100% certain that touching a hot stove will burn me. But that doesn't mean that I want to test it!

The same goes for hitting my hand with a hammer or diving into an empty pool. I've never actually tried it; does that mean that I should?

I'm sure enough that it's not something I have any further interest in worrying about.

 Carneades [ Morgan-LynnGriggs Lamberth- aka skeptic griggsy - Google that to see that I mean business!

We ignostics find that as He has no referents as First Cause and such and His contradictory attributes are incoherent, He cannot exist as the original Carneades notes [ " The Encyclopedia of Philosophy.].
And ignosticism is part of strong[ positive or wide] atheism rather than as Ayers and Drange aver as against it and theism.
Ignostic Morgan

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