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Well said, as always, Greta.


When you think about it the theists think it's all going to end as well. They are never entirely clear or consistent about what form an afterlife will take but they are quite sure it can't be like this one, how could it be if all the passions and desires that make our lives both delightful and painful are gone ? An existence without these, disembodied and emotionless is so different from our real lives that we would be just as dead really as we will be if we atheists are right. Which is one of the reasons I recoil so much from theism, I have absolutely no desire for the afterlife they crave so much, something that most of them just can't get their heads round.


very interesting and good point, thornavis. If "heaven" is what most Christians claim, "I" won't exist anymore. I agree, I don't want such a horrible fate, being an automaton constantly praising some bratty god that can't do without. Ugh.



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