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Good thoughts. I have struggled, not with being Intersexed, but with the fact that I have a fetish for a certain form of dressing. I like frilly clothing. It doesn't fit my Outer World persona... it's just something I like to do.

But... I can't engage in it in a public way because those who oppose the Free People will just have more to say about "how twisted we are". It would destroy anything I'm trying to get done in the Outer World.


"tea leaves in a hurricane," heh, that's a great image. Even if I don't particularly agree with the underlying principle -- I actually kind of like puzzling out why I like what I like. Sure, it's a form of masturbation, but that's something I'm generally in favor of too.


I used to not want what I wanted when I was in my teens. Back then I just wanted to be like my friends and they did not want what I wanted. Now, when I'm 40 it's not an issue since a rather long time back. Regardless of if I can actually get what I want or not, I am at peace with what I want :-)


I guess it's an issue of fidelity and society strictures...

I'm married with children and it's just annoying as hell getting hot and bothered by another woman (especially a co-worker) and KNOWING that if I act on the impulse I'm going to end up messing up my marriage and the co-worker's marriage (if they're married), other work relations, etc. And no, my spouse is NOT open to an open marriage.

I just wished that my libido would leave me alone during my working hours.

So if you're trying to puzzle out why you enjoy self-gratification of a certain type, is that meta-masturbation?

Kit Whitfield

"All sex is bad -- it's not important, it's not worth taking seriously, and it's definitely not worth making a priority in my life."

I'd say, apart from not valuing sex, there's also the possibility that you don't value yourself. It's possible to think, 'Yes, the kind of sex I want is great and all, but you probably have to be a great person to have any right to do it without looking stupid or weird - more attractive, more glamorous, more sexy, more whatever than me. I should just settle for average.'

The superego might be screaming 'Bad kind of sex!', but it might also be screaming 'This is for other people; you're not good enough and you're just making a fool of yourself!' So I'd add 'low self-esteem' to the list of reasons.


Socrates is quoted as saying that the unexamined life isn't worth living. Had I not examined mine (with the help of some good weed and quiet time), I would have been the miserable slug that my father became. Without the self examination, I wouldn't have seen what rote living was doing to me and wouldn't have determined a different path to follow.

I'm really sorry that Nixon had to screw the nation over by clamping down on marijuana and related substances. I guess the powers that be didn't like peaceful people, preferring instead the violence that coke and speed stimulates. Having a violent and unthinking populace makes going to war much easier.



Oh hell yes.

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