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I <3 your pussy.



One of my cats insists on impeding any kind of exercise I attempt at home. Anything that involves lying down, she stands on me. And any yoga position where an affectionate kitty-headbutt will tip me over is rather dangerous.


I can haz ankel?

Whenever I try to do the plank, my cat insists on walking underneath me. With her tail held high, the better to rub against my stomach, naturally.

Hm. I think this thread is degenerating into "Yes, cats are vicious selfish destructive bastards, but they're adorable!"


They're so helpful, aren't they. ;-)


When someone tells you cats do not feel love, or affection, or whatever, this is how you know they are wrong.


One of my past cats was a helper like that too :-) The cats I have now are not very good at getting in the way yet.

Michael Cornelia

That is very cute. I have been undergoing physical therapy as well. I wish I had a companion like that to move me along. My therapist uses physical therapy billing software and sends me an encouraging message through it every week. This is about as close as it gets to having any encouragement while I do my therapy at home.

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