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Happy Birthday! A perfect day to celebrate being naked, since that was how you were born!

Cliff O'Neill

Happy Birthday, Greta! (I would have wished it to you on Facebook, but didn't want the million follow-up messages from your millions of fans, of which I am one.)

Blessings of the FSM be upon you!


happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Greta!


Many happy returns, Greta, and congrats on completing another orbit around the sun!

(By the way - I just wanted to say that being born on New Year's Eve is awesome.)

Stina Öström

Happy birthday, Greta!


Happy birthday, dear Greta! I wish you to have a lot of energy and many great ideas on how to use it!


That was my wifes birthday also!! Wish you could have been at our party. She got all her birthday wishes and then some!! She would have loved to share! :)

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