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Blake Stacey

That should be "googol".

Chad Groft
Hence, i and aleph (yes, it should be "aleph null," but that doesn't scan, so suck it up)
To be clear: "Aleph" refers to the whole transfinite sequence of infinite cardinalities. "Aleph-null" is just the first step: the cardinality of the counting numbers, and the smallest infinite size. So really your version works better.
Cori May

You should perhaps have a daily atheist meme that says 'Atheists love Christmas too'. I'm an atheist, and I adore everything about Christmas. Even the family outing to a Christmas Eve church service is a joy, because there are Christmas carols.

Rob C



This will be a very long song!


2 to the 43 million, 112 thousand, 6 hundred and 9 ... minus 1,
for mersenne


I'm at work so I can't hit up the youtube link, so my understanding of the syllabic requirements might be off. Also it's more physics-y than math-y, but that's how I roll:

NA atoms seen by the eye
(The A should be a subscript)

Chemists might tell you Avogadro's number has units 1/mol, but the way we use it in physics it just means the order-of-magnitude number of atoms in any macroscopic object, and is basically unitless.

If you're putting in important mathematical numbers, seems like 1 should go in there somewhere as well.


0 for adding
1 for multiplying
2 for the primes
3 for the world we live in
4 for the mapmakers
5 for platonic solids
6 for perfection
7 for non-constructibility
8 for cubic fibonacci
9 for adding cubes
10 for our fingers


6.02 x 10^23 for the mole!

douglas chapple

Geek girls, go where I send thee
How shall I send thee?
I'm gonna send thee square by square
exponentially until you get there

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