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Bruce Gorton

Science is a belief system though - it is a system whereby we sort the beliefs we have into the bins we label: "Reliable, unreliable and outright BS."

I would rather phrase it as "Science does not represent beliefs. Science represents a means of measuring our beliefs about the real world, against the real world."

Tom Vincent

Outstanding...though I think there have been many cases where scientists nearly equal priests in deceit and chicanery: When they're marketing their 'results' to investors. Cold fusion, anyone? :)

Steve Law

It's not a belief system.
No christian ever said 'I believe that there is a 90% probability that Jesus died for my sins, given the current weight of evidence, but further work is needed...'
The problem is that the word 'belief' has several meanings: you can 'believe' in your friend (i.e. trust them), you can 'believe' that something is a fact (i.e. think there is strong evidence) or you can believe in something, despite lack of evidence (i.e. have faith) The religious confound these meanings all the time. I prefer to avoid the word altogether.


Science is a system for falsifying beliefs. It can't ever prove a belief - but it can develop and perform experiments or observations which can falsify a belief. It is the opposite of a belief system.

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