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Roy Sablosky

I disagree. Reason and evidence ARE the only ways to understand the world. There are other ways to THINK about it, DREAM about it, write POETRY about it, but there are no other ways to UNDERSTAND it.


'Reason and evidence aren't the only ways to understand the world.'

What are the other ways?


Art, music, poetry, literature ... these things are great fun. They can be uplifting. And they can be wonderful ways to communicate. But they are not ways of knowing. Art can help someone communicate general relativity - but it cannot test general relativity experimentally.


Well it all depends on how widely you define "Evidence" and "Reason". If a person's facial expressions, voice, posture, or writing style give you an impression about them, is the impression you get evidence about the world, or an example of understanding from subconscious (and so irrational) processes?

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