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Wouldn't that be a natural process that in fact disconnects us from the universe?

Greta Christina

Ramel: I would argue -- or maybe just gas on, as this is more a philosophy than a question of fact -- that death both connects and disconnects us from the universe.

It disconnects us in the obvious way: we won't exist anymore and won't be part of the universe anymore. But it connects us in that our deaths as well as our lives are physical cause and effect of matter and energy -- just like everything else in the universe. It is in the nature of the universe to change, for things to come into being and then disappear. The fact that our lives are transient is, I think, one of the things that connects us most intimately with the rest of existence.

More on this, if you're interested: The Meaning of Death: Part One of Many



Sing from the rooftops:

"Atheism is dead!"


I get your point, it just seemed like an odd choice of words.

Oh and ignore atheismisdead, it's just DrMabus spamming the internet again.


Ffth, graffiti like "xy lives" usually mean that the person/project whatever in question is quite dead and will sink into oblivion as fast as anything... so, Atheism is alive and kicking, I suppose :)

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