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Jim Baerg


Twittered by me as

Atheists do not hate god & we are not angry at God nor at other supernatural entities that don't exist. See

Shortened URL links back to here. Hopefully it's not too mangled...



This one's been annoying me a lot recently.
"You hate god."
"no, I don't hate god, how can I hate something that doesn't exist."
"see, you say he doesn't exist - your hatred blinds you to the truth"...
and so on, round and round the circle.


Hey, I'M angry at leprechauns! Lousy little imps, always taunting me with their marshmallow cereal!

Llewellyn Reese

I hate invisible pink unicorns. And orbiting teapots.

Joshua Zelinsky

A related Cectic comic:


I know one atheist who hates god, but his emotions towards religion are combined with his built up anger from being a gifted kid talked down to by adults. Teachers and priests.

That guy also has no problem pointing out people's misconceptions about him himself, though.


Well, isn't it religion, and those religious people that he hates then?

Many atheists aren't exactly happy about organized religion and many of its practitioners - for good reasons, that is not the same thing as hating the fictional character that these people and organisations claim is real and stand behind their actions.

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