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Nonreligious Nerd

You've got me thinking about my fantasies now. Many are quite similar to your own.



And yet, I'd have trouble itemizing them out like that publicly. Partly because I'm a little worried about getting stalked by someone who is genuinely dangerous (not just harmlessly perverse like me!), but also because of that inevitable feeling that these things are horribly wrong things that mean there is something wrong with me, and I should go to any lengths to keep them strictly private.

Come to think of it, those two reasons might actually be related enough to count as one. (assuming by default that someone with my own kinks is most likely a dangerous person, that is). I could be wrong though--first time I thought about it!

At any rate, it was great to read this and find out I'm not alone there!


I'd like someone I am limerent about to reciprocate.

I'd like that to happen before the Heat Death of the Universe.

Pretty simple, I guess. Definitely fantasy.


I want to watch two guys fuck.

Oh yes! So much!! :-)


I gathered something of the wrong idea when I saw the title of your piece and then immediately spotted Adam Savage's face at the top of the article. :-)



Anonymous for this one.
I want to have sex with someone I'm telepathic with. I want to feel what they're feeling having sex with me, and have them feel what I'm feeling having sex with them. I think the "infinite regress of two reflecting mirrors" thing could be really hot.

Creative! Impossible, of course, but very creative. I like it.


Elaine: what in the world do you mean by "limerent"? That "word" is not in the dictionary, and I cannot figure out what you mean by it.

Blake Stacey

Wikipedia sez, "Limerence refers to an involuntary cognitive and emotional state of intense romantic desire for another person. The term was coined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov to describe the ultimate, near-obsessional form of romantic love."


I just need to add this general comment: Greta, you are such a fantastic writer. I've been following some of your stuff since your Spectator days, and I can never decide whether I like your ideas or your sentences more. Thanks,

Scott Small
Managing Editor
Buttman Magazine


I want, at least once in my life, to have groupies. At least one groupie. I want to go on a book tour or a speaking engagement and have admiring fans throw themselves at me sexually.

After reading through a large chunk of your blog, I'm finding your writings (especially on atheism) so incredibly good that I'd be tempted. Thank you for bringing more reasonable discourse into a world of oft unreasonable people.


"I think the "infinite regress of two reflecting mirrors" thing could be really hot."

Totally with you on this one. It would be unbelievably awesome.

Also, I'm slightly unnerved by how many fantasies we have in common in general.

There's one that I really can't relate to, though:
"I want to have a sex buddy with whom I only have sex...
Don't ever talk about anything else."

Not even remotely. I can't imagine having sex with a person and not talking about other stuff afterwards.

My favorite topic for after-sex talk: Philosophy. Best of all; talking about communication. It's just SO meta :)

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