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Sorry to correct you, but it's "oeuvre" (or "œuvre", if you want to be pedantic), not "ouvre".

Blame the French for inserting misleading vowels everywhere.


Totally with you. I just wrote a sex guide for a book packaging company, and when I got to the chapter where I'd have to talk about penetrative sex, my heart kind of sank. Not because penetrative sex is bad, but because really, it feels pretty much the same whatever position you're in and the best positions you usually work out as you go, but you have to say something.

I ended up doing just a short section saying, 'Well, different people think there are a different number of positions; let's just run through Kinsey's basic six and after that you can experiment and decide for yourself what position feels best for you.' Then I moved on to stuff that was actually useful, like 'Not everyone is an exact fit and sometimes you have to work around that.' Most of the book was fun to write because it was about stuff that might genuinely help, like being in the moment and valuing masturbation and listening to your fantasies, but the section on positions was absolutely the hardest section to write, because position just isn't the most important thing.

I suspect the main reason for all the 101 Positions books is that it's an easy way to fill out the pages. Even more than that, it's an easy way to plan a structure, and if you have to submit a structure plan before you can actually write the book and see where it goes, 101 Positions is nice and simple.


Yes, but.. stupid *videos* about 101 positions sell lots of ridiculous cushions, designed to make it easier to get into them. And, for a certain segment of the population, having orgasms over the amount of money they make from gullible idiots, over and above even the books, is better than sex. lol

Bruce Gorton

These books might as well be titled, "101 Ways to Have the Exact Same Sex You've Been Having, But With Your Bodies Arranged Somewhat Differently."

If I ever get round to writing a sex book - I am going to steal that title.


Thank you for this essay, my lover pointed it out to me and we are believers in this line of thought… while sexual variety is important, nothing can compare to the arousal, excitement and pleasure we get from passionate communication of our thoughts, fantasies and desires.

I also, earlier in my life, was in a toxic relation like Klein’s patients and the miscommunication, anger and isolation (while a couple) made any sex, much less goodnsex, impossible.

I will definitely share this,


David Harmon

"Double Reverse Astronaut Position" -- LOL!

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