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The mechanical success of our civilization has led many to basic materialism. Are western men divided into those humanists who think that there is 'only this material world' and those who believe in a spiritual world ? Humanists now proudly work for many praiseworthy goals, but also accept malthusiastic concepts such as overpopulation. So they declare some to be ' unter-menschen', killing babies before they become human and easing away the senile. In contrast, the laws given by spiritual decree forbid unprincipled behavior by believers. God made our world for successive generations and plans to shut it down when the number of saints is full.
A new book, '(obvious attempt to self-promote product unrelated to the topic being commented on deleted - GC)' (available from looks at some teachings of the Galilean. They are ridiculous and cannot happen if there is 'only this world'. But viewed in the light of Flatland's contiguous dimensional worlds, they make simple mechanistic sense. This is the way of science: to look at phenomena to see if they are explained by a theory. If they are, that theory is accepted as true. So the Galilean logically based his statements on a spiritual world that truly exists and is superior to ours. '(obvious attempt to self-promote product unrelated to the topic being commented on deleted - GC)' discusses teachings about the Trinity, soul, resurrection, judgment, hell and Satan and others.
As Jews, Muslims, and pagans learn that the spiritual world of Christ is real, wars and terror will pass and the reign of Love will ennoble our world for the wellbeing of all.


...GeorgeRic just failed the Turing test. I've seen this exact comment in at least one other thread.


Anyone who compares a woman choosing to not have a child to the murder of six million Jews is a horrible monster, and their ideas do not merit serious discussion. Anyone who insists on writing hundreds of nearly identical comments and posting them on dozens of blogs, topical or not, is an obsessed and repetitive jerk. Anyone who promotes their book in every comment is a spammer. GeorgeRic is all 3.

Greta Christina

GeorgeRic has been warned. Any further comments from him that are clearly nothing but attempts to promote his book will be deleted, and will result in him being banned.

Jade Eyed 1


I'm is the concept of getting along with your fellow man a bad thing?

Or is it the overall stupidity of the author's argument that you find so terrifying?

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