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As you're off to the AAI conference I'm curious now as to what you think of Maher getting the Dawkins award?


My blog is at and I like to talk about 1) why I love the things I love, and 2) why I'm angry about the things that make me angry. It's fairly straightforward. I've only recently starting updating it again recently but I have quite a few posts I'm currently working on so any and all feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for this chance by the way Greta! I've been spending most of the last month reading all of your back posts and sort of wishing I could address subjects in such a coherent and cogently thought through way so hopefully you'll have a good influence on my own writing. I look forward to your return. x


A blog I frequent is . It is about rationality, so might be of interest to you all here.

Ari Collins

My blog is 55 A Day - Short Stories for Short People ( It's 55-word-long stories. Tons of them. Some written by me, most written by guest authors.

Wanted to thank you, Greta, for giving me a lot to think about and a lot of questions to ask myself and others.

Ari Collins


Well they say how you get started is by following other peoples blogs and so here I am came, low and behold there is this shameless opportunity. I heard you read once Christina and enjoyed your writing.

I am newly writing erotica, some from personal experience some from my own imagination.

Tom Shamma

My blog is, and I've been updating it daily for a few months now. There's a lot of crap there, I do it mostly just to make myself write every day, but there's some good stuff too. Some posts I'm particularly proud of are The Pope Poop Apocalypse Theory, and Oh My God (the former about certainty and how religions are formed, and the second about my mother.)

I was going to comment in the last shameless self-promotion post, but I forgot. Anyway, thanks for this chance to tell people about my blog. As always, I love your work. Thanks for it.


I blog all over the place, but I'm particularly happy with my rant/opinion blog here:

And my polyamory blog:

Craig Sorensen

My blog is

Sometimes I share a story or a poem, sometimes I ponder the process of writing, and sometimes I announce stories that I have had recently published.

Today I'm blogging about a story that was recently published at

So thank you, Greta, and thanks again!


I'll be there. I'll say hi if I'm not feeling shy.

Nosmo King

As a sometime reference and sometime commenter here, I'll halfheartedly flog my own sometime blog,

Faster than the Speed of Satire,

which can be found at

There, I said it and I'm glad. Look for more updates there if you're tired of alphabetizing your sock drawer and/or shampooing the cat. I promise to get on a regular writing schedule soon. No really.


Oops, I just realized that my last post might be considered "commercial", since it's for a commerce website. Hopefully, since it's about poly and atheism it'll be OK, but if not ... sorry!


Hey! I realize I made a mistake with the Poly Tees and Stagehand Tees sites, but my website and journal weren't commercial. Where'd my comment go?

Camels With Hammers

If you like philosophy, atheism, and philosophical/atheistic ethics, you'll love Camels With Hammers! I'm a nearly PhD in philosophy who specializes in Nietzsche and ethics and I blog with maniacal frequency.

Thanks for the opening, Greta!


What? What? You were there, and I MISSED you???

I didn't know; I didn't look around; I wasn't expecting. So I will have to pretend we saw each other anyway, and smiled one of those perfunctory 'nice time, huh?' smiles strangers do at conventions. And it will have to do.

Dang. Double dang.

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