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John the Drunkard

'People' find heroin comforting.
'People' find raping children comforting.
'People' find notions of racial supremacy comforting.
'People' find carrying guns to presidential appearences comforting.

How many can you thing of in 5 seconds?


Many of the other blogs I read are about global warming. It seems to me people find the notion that global warming is not caused by humans to be comforting. "Comforting", however, cannot change the physics of CO2, methane, black carbon, and other greenhouse gasses.

I also read a fair amount about So-Called Alternative Medicine (SCAM). It seems to me that people find homeopathy, reiki, magic herbs, and other woo comforting. That doesn't make it work.

Bruce Gorton

Okay, I have a suggestion for your next one. Link for context:

The following comment made me see red:

Stan Horszowski wrote: I will pass no judgement on the nuns : Let the Lord judge them . October 21, 2009 10:36 PM BST on Recommend? (1)

I think it is time for a meme on judgement. You can do it in calm and measured tones whereas would call the sanctimonious cowards who use this cliche for what they are - people more concerned with their own holiness than the wellbeing of children.

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