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Greta, I'm logged into Facebook now but when I follow your links they just redirect to my FB home page.


By the way - I think the rebuttal excerpt you posted here was right on the mark and very well stated.

Jeff Satterley

I'm having the same problem as Moxiequx...

Jen R

I do love your atheist rants.

I couldn't see the note you were replying to, but I could see yours.

Greta Christina

Sorry about the tech problems. Facebook is weird and buggy sometimes, and linkages suck. If you go to my wall, though, you should be able to find the note.


So you can say that you're an atheist, which means that you believe every religious person is wrong, but you can't actually say that every religious person is wrong? Does not compute.


aww...can't see it. Facebook is not being helpful.

Claire B

Arrgh! Nooo! I am not on Facebook and have no intention of being, ever - pleeease post your rant here, Greta!

Lou Doench

What's wrong with Facebook Claire... become one of us.... one of us... one of usssss.....


I cannot find the rant on your wall. Could you post the link on your wall and perhaps that would work?


Greta, there are three tabs in your Facebook profile: Wall, Info, and Photos. It is possible to add a new tab for your notes. Hope that helped.

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