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I enjoyed your description of what was, as I wasn't part of that world, and it seems so distant to me that it's difficult for me to comprehend. The personal account kind of brings it home.


Chris Hager

Hey- back then the clitoris was a well-kept secret-- and also the female orgasm-- much less the idea of the one leading to the other. By the late '80s, Dr. Grafenberg and friends figured out there's even more, and indeed some (F and M) seem to have included this in sex-play. But the female ejaculation, also in Grafenberg's first book, has made slow progress indeed in the past 25+ years. Notwithstanding 'squirter' sites on the web, which may or may not be authentic, the number of women who feel free enough to try it remains small indeed. Why-- in my experience it's an authentic super-high experience, and most often available multiple times. Again: why-- are we still in the dark ages?


One of my all-time favourite quotes from a sex educator: "Dr. Grafenburg 'discovered' the G-spot in the same sense that Columbus 'discovered' America. Plenty of people were already there, but nobody thought they were important until some white guy showed up."

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