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Snarktown Suggestion:
Dump "evolutionary biology," or as its known to everyone who's not white, male and or heterosexist,
Those preferred mainstream atheist explanations for who people are and how we became aren't fooling anyone.women and people of color aren't dazzled by the new name. If half the movement weren't self-unifentified MRAs with superiority complexes working backward from every myth to prove they're right, just like all the white, male, heterosexist organizations (religions), it might work better.
As for attempts to blame POC for remaining religious, ill give you one reason in particular: it's the same reason the black community is "more homophobic." It's learned from white oppression through religion and religious culture and and reinforced by exponentially greater stereotype threat faced by non-conformity to respectability politics. It is religion that was (and still is to a large degree) the only thing keeping other people from killing them outright, and one less excuse for people to consistently deny their right to exist and move freely. Most Christians of Color and women have successfully managed to delude themselves about the origins of belief and it's persistence for centuries, but they've been well assisted by the whitewashing of history (and every other literate perspective) which functions as social law nearly worldwide, as well as every other system and enforcer of oppression. Get rid of the oppression and you'd be surprised how it promotes free thinking.

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