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Well okay then, I'll brag about my heroic ballads I've re-published onto my new Fortune City site because GeoCities is gonna go away in October and I'd hate to lose such wondrously moronic poetry.

Frozen Summers

I've been writing and releasing a song a week for over 2 years at, I just finished a 3 piece suite entitled Purpose Driven exploring how someone might become brainwashed into committing terrorism.

I've also started occasionally blogging on the Young Australian Skeptics website

I also run the website for the Macquarie Skeptics

I even have my main personal site


I just finished a very detailed series of posts about my trip to the Creation Museum on Friday with PZ Myers and 300 other atheists. If you've ever been curious what sort of insanity they promote, I think I've covered all the major points (and tried not to cry or swear too much during the process).


What a cool thing for you to do. I just moved my blog over to my own domain and transferred to Wordpress.


At the risk of being the opposite of what Greta intended:

Hey, Greta, at Netroots Nation do you think you could visit this panel discussion and tell us what you think?

To listen to organizer Frederick Clarkson talk (/write), it appears irreligious people don't exist, and we certainly aren't worth paying attention to when it comes to the separation of church and state.

The panel sounds extremely ugly from an atheist-rights perspective. Want to check it out?

Lori Griffith

I've been working on building an atheist social group in the middle of Iowa. It's not about starting any sort of movement or trying to replicate the dogma and ritual of church. It's about trying to replicate the social communities that churches have.

So far it's going really well and I figured that since we have link to this blog on our page, utilizing a shameless promotion post on this blog wouldn't hurt as much.


This blog is one of the main reasons a bunch of time got sucked up once I got into the blog world. I'm now recovering (not sure what step I'm on) and producing again rather than just reading. But I always read this one and have a link to it on mine.

My site to recollect, document, pass on to my kids, rant about whatever (because I'm old and I can!), or just pass the time.

Thank you, Greta Christina!!

Greta Christina

I'm on it, Rieux. The minute I saw the description of that panel, I just about hit the roof. I'm going to go in with an open mind... but I'm also going in loaded for bear. I'll give a report when it's done.


I just started blogging for the first time since my middle school livejournal. It's an atheist blog, but I seem to be talking about health care a lot. I suppose it's because how prevalent it is in the media as of late.


I may have just stepped in it, but I've posted about the Clarkson panel that Rieux posted about.
Call For Faitheists to Unite (I think)


My bad -- address is:


I've moved my blog to preserve my anonymity, and one of my first and favorite posts there might be something that you'd be interested in, Greta, considering your love of BtVS.

It's a commentary on the end of Angel Season Four and how it's a parallel for new atheists coming out of conservative Christian backgrounds. The first time I watched it, I didn't even get that impression. The second time, I wondered why I didn't notice!

Being Fred: Coming Out Atheist Among the Faithful


Well, ok. First, I've done some comics that have an erotic aspect to them.

And of course I blog like hell, about Ethics and Sexuality.

I'm not sure what my BEST post would be, but possibly my single most important post ever is rather unassuming, a short signpost pointing toward Bob Altmeyer's "The Authoritarians." Download and read it for free - it could be the most important thing you have read in years.

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