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But I don't think people should be allowed to listen to country music. It's an abomination in the eyes of, well, me.

Actually, I love the analogy. I didn't expect it to tie as closely as it did. Really nice post!

the chaplain

Nice post. I think one thing that lovers who stay together a long time need to realize is that their sexual tastes will change. That realization and a commitment to working with changes together can keep sex interesting for a lifetime.

Spanish Inquisitor

Nice metaphor. It's a lot more apt than you think, though I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with the sexual equivalent of gangsta' rap. Necrophilia, maybe? (No offense to all you rap aficionados.) And country music would go well with farmyard bestiality. And I like country music, so what does that say about me? ;)

Yes, treating sex like the natural and necessary part of human existence that it is, was, and always has been, rather than some aberration that needs to be suppressed would go a long way to making social discourse much smoother.


Awesome. I tend to equate sex with eating, myself. The way I look at it, I don't like having the same thing for dinner every night, but I tend to stay within a set number of dishes, with occasional forays into the exotic. But music works, too.


Let me say, when I brought up the sex/music analogy among a group of asexuals (who I suppose fit that category of "people who aren't as interested in sex as we are"), it was a hit! Understandably, they like it better than the sex/food analogy.


I can't imagine someone being ashamed of listening to a song and enjoying it.

Oh, maybe comically, superficially, they are ashamed.

Thats the biggest difference I see between the metaphor and the reality


Actually, Edward, that difference highlights a very improtant point that (I think) Greta was trying to make: people are not particularly ashamed of the songs they listen, and they should not be ashamed of the sex they like to have.

If you push it further than that the metaphor will break, sure, but it is very illustrative.


Well said. I believe as long as it doesn't involve a child, animal or unconsenting adult, knock yourself out. Life is short, do whatever it is or whomever it is that makes you happy. It won't make me blush or think any less of you.


This is an excellent article; I'm sharing it with everyone I know. I really could not imagine a better analogy, nor a better way to think about sex from a societal standpoint. Thank you so much for putting your thoughts into such eloquent words.


I'm one of those people Erez mentioned. I love the article and plan to incorporate the idea in how I explain my view of sexuality to others. I have plans on becoming a sex educator / therapist someday and strongly identify with your vision. Bravo, and keep writing!


Thank you for writing this. I've been trying to make this argument for a long time, in a lot of different ways, and you've nailed it.

Pun fully intended! =)

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