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Thank you! Notwithstanding the lack of theme and pictures, Greta, your writing ability apparently does not go to sleep when you're exhausted after a Netroots conference. You made me want to read most of this stuff -- and when I went there, I was glad I did.


Welcome back, and thanks for getting the carnival out despite the exhaustion! Lovely to be featured. We also rather enjoyed the piece on making a contribution. Thanks again.

Cubik's Rube

Thank you right back! Great carnival, particularly for something apparently thrown together under much fatigue. (I rarely produce anything this comprehensive even when I'm well rested.) Looks like I've got a lot more reading to do today.


Oh, thank you, thank you, for the link to Cubik's Rube's anti-sexism piece! And Skepchick's piece.

"It seems to me that a lot of men in the skeptical movement, well intentioned as they may be, have a tendency to look at women as though we are some sort of separate species; monolithic and mysterious, and that there is some sort of code they need to learn but can never seem to work out which will magically get them laid and make all women love them."

Yes! This gets so irritating!

Also, I appreciated the "fudging the numbers" piece. That has been a pet peeve of mine lately.

Glowing Face Man

Thanks a lot for hosting the carnival! And thanks as well for participating in Netroots Nation ;)

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