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Er, so to speak?

David Harmon

For some reason, the sex- positive community is also, very often, a spiritual community...

It's not for "some" reason -- you yourself mention the reason a few paragraphs down. "Spirituality" is about the experience of transcendence, and sex is one of the oldest (and easiest) routes to that experience.


Did you ever hear Alan Watts on the ceramic versus the organic versus the mechanical view of the universe? He stated (roughly) that the "ceramic myth" - that man was made by god out of clay in his image - put man in an unbearably exalted position, and that the "mechanical myth" was in part a reaction to that, and hence it contains a large number of put-downs - life is "just" a chemical process, man is a "mere" accident on an "insignificant" speck of dust, etc.

I think there is something to that, and this "downer" legacy is something that is still too often seen as inseparable from rational materialism. I think it's high time to distance ourselves from that and reclaim awe and transcendence from the claws of religions. Your posts are often excellent examples of that. Thanks for writing!


For some reason, the sex- positive community is also, very often, a spiritual community...
Given how many spiritual groups around the world are also profoundly sex-repressive (among them some of the really HUGE ones), I have to wonder if your sample is just a tad skewed by locality. Taking our species as a whole, I'd bet that more people worldwide are pleasuring themselves and others DESPITE supernatural beliefs than those that are BECAUSE of them.

the chaplain

When you don't believe in God or the soul or any sort of afterlife -- when you believe that this short life is all that we have -- then making the most of that short life, and taking advantage of the joyful experiences it has to offer, suddenly becomes a whole lot more important.


I'm not comfortable with the word "transcendent," but that may just be my hang-up that needn't concern anyone else. In my view, sex and the arts are intense experiences that lift people above the mundane things we say, do and feel in life - they are the spices that enrich life. And, this life is the only opportunity any of us will have to experience such intensity and joy. It would be a shame to squander that opportunity.

Nina Hartley

Spot on, as usual, Greta.

Couldn't have said it better, myself.


Fucking Spam...

There's definate woo in those previous postings.

(Previous spammy comments have now been deleted - GC)

Jan Steckel

Greta, my husband Hew Wolff and my buddy Sue and I all enjoyed your reading of this essay at Perverts Put Out tonight. Hew says "Right on!"

What's that old hippie song about how we're stardust, made of billion- year- old carbon?

I think you mean Carl Sagan?

We are made of star stuff.

Not to be pedantic, but the magic of his point is the heavier elements are created when stars go nova and then new stars and planets form from the debris. The Sun is a third-generation star.

Isn't this way more cool than goddidit?

Ok, back to the sex part...

Greta Christina

Actually, Ildi, I didn't mean Carl Sagan. I meant Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock" (most famously covered by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young). It's neat that Sagan said something so similar, though.

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