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I will look forward to checking it out when my brain isn't so mushy. And while it is mostly mushy because I am simply exhausted, it is also mushy from the close watching of a Deborah Sundahl G-spot video I am writing a review of (thanks for the suggesting Nina Hartley btw - looks like a very viable option for more than just a G-spot video). It is actually a great instructional video, but the woo just hurts my head and will probably bother some of my readers...

...If reading a review of a G-spot video by a guy and later reading a post for the partners of those who have G-spots, on manipulating said G-spot in a way that is unlikely to have said partner get really cranky, doesn't bother some of them...

Blake Stacey

In the same vein, I've seen people take a "spiritual" attitude to psychedelic drugs. I suspect a similar set of factors are at work, but I still find it perplexing, perhaps more so than the case of "spiritual" sexuality. Dude, don't you realize that pill you're taking came from a laboratory? That's not the semen of angels you're swallowing, dear: it's 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenethylamine.



Blake -

There are a lot of folks who really don't care if the hallucinogen came from a lab - it doesn't make it any less a spiritual thing for them - I know, I used to be one of them. The notion that the substance was made by people doesn't make it any less a "magical" experience - but then a lot of them do in for technomagic and those sorts of ideas.

And of course there are also those who are all about plants that are hallucinogens - usually through their neurotoxicity. I was big on quite a few, including some particularly potent and particularly toxic plants...

A definite case where natural is certainly not better - though it can be more intense.

nina hartley

DuWyane, I look forward to your review of my G-spot video. Rest assured, there is NO woo in it at all. Just anatomy, physiology and a brief overview of technical skills needed to get it to go.

Greta, I second your thougts in the #3 reason you mentioned in your post. Even though I grew up in the Temple of Woo (Berkeley in the 1960's and '70s), with seeker parents who discoverd Zen in 1969 (they're still at it), I remained skeptical of all religions, especially ones with a god notion. It just made no sense at all, even when I was very young.

So, when I had the most intense emotional experience ever during sex, after leaving a 20 year relationship, I was blown away. Even as I was having the experience, I recognized that, had I been indoctrinated with the notion of "god," I would have called the experience "being saved," or "Jesus/God came and healed me, " or "I felt folded into the bosom of God," etc. So I understood that the ecstasy believers feel when they fall to the floor filled with the spirit was a real sensation and not fabricated. I see why/how one would try to create that feeling state as often as possible, and why they prosletize as they do.

But I don't have a god narrative to fall back upon, so I understood that intense emotional/spiritual experiences are merely exicitations of the mid-brain, and how we interpret them is a function of our childhood indoctrination about religion/spirituality/woo. They can be triggered by intense prayer/meditation, sleep deprivation, drugs, intense physical stress such as marathon running/self-flagilation, and sexual pleasure.

In my experience, conscioous sexual pleasure or drugs are the most reliable ways to jumpstart that feeling state, and sex is much easier on the body!

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