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Sunshine Love

Awesome. One more political atheist activist source of material to post in the place where my mom hangs out. Loved your posts since finding you on alternet awhile back.


Wait, seriously? Even people you don't know personally?

Greta Christina
Wait, seriously? Even people you don't know personally?

Yes. Absolutely. I'm looking at this primarily as a new way to be in touch with my blog readers and to expand that reach. Come on by!

n f

Awesome! Would love to friend you on FB, and maybe even be friends IRL. I sure need more atheist friends.


I'm the octopus with the baby.

Donna Gore

OK I found you. You'll get a friend request from "Sweet Tea" - it is I, your faithful reader! ("Sweet Tea" is my DragonCon persona).

Cath the Canberra Cook

Hi Greta,
Did you know that if you set Facebook to "pirate english" you look like this? (Lolz @ "superstitions")

Fleets: San Francisco, CA
Be ye a mate or a wench?: Lass
First Set Sail: Decembarrrr 31, 1961
Port o' Origin: Hyde Park, Chicago, IL
State o' Affairs: Anchored to Ingrid Nelson
Piratical Views: Progressive, Big Queer
Superstitions: Atheist

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