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David D.G.

Ben Goldtorquemada --- simply because he is so inquisitive.

~David D.G.


Elizabeth Bathory...

What? I like to take a bath!



I aim to please, especially when bringing out the evile!!!


Very nice one David (and up now - though I preferred "turning the tables on the inquisition")...But I seem to recall you making some rather islamosatanistcthuluesquesocialist comments yourself - you need a blog man!!!

David D.G.

Sorry, I should have been clearer about that, since you were asking two different questions.

My first comment, above, is my nomination of a name for the evil blogger list (a mash-up of Ben Goldacre and Torquemada, obviously).

As for who I would be? Oh, probably the bearded Spock from the mirror universe. (Sorry, I can't think of a historical figure that suits me.)

~David D.G.

Greta Christina
Oh, probably the bearded Spock from the mirror universe. (Sorry, I can't think of a historical figure that suits me.)

That's totally cool. Fictional is fine with me. And it seems to be fine with DuWayne, since bad Astronomer has been recast as Bad Ass Cylon...


Going from that Dave, I will come up with something - something dark, evile and...

All righty then Hal!!!


Or if you prefer...Pieter Devries

I could get into a scifi edition - being a total and absolute scifi geek...

Jimmy Crummins

Che Guevera. Here is a flamming, murderous asshole who has managed in death to recreate himself as a great advocate of the working class stiff. Che has to be a one of a kind. Only a fool would continue to idolize Mao or Lenin... but somehow Che was able to catapult himself into legendary T-shirt status.

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