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Ok, now I want to move to San Francisco and I've never been there in my life!

Ted Mitchell

This is huge!


I am deeply and passionately in love with this city, in love with it in a way that, until a few years ago, I had never quite been in love with another human being. I feel about it very much the way people feel about their beloveds; magnifying its virtues, excusing its faults, imagining our future together, defending it from critics even when they're right, feeling hurt and bewildered all out of proportion over its betrayals, and missing it like a major organ when I'm away for too long.

Oh, god, finally, someone put into words how I feel about Chicago. My boyfriend has talked about moving away for grad school and it's killing me because I can't imagine not living here. I take the longer train downtown just so I can watch the skyline come into view, and when I have to leave the city I sit in the very back of the train so I can see it for as long as I can. And I've never been able to properly explain why all that is, just that this is the place I belong, absolutely and completely. Thank you so much for this piece, explaining your love for your city... even though it's a totally different place, it's like the love I have for mine.


Excellent. Right. Completely true. I've lived here most of my life, and I HATED being away for 4 years for graduate school, even though graduate school was the coolest thing, and I met my husband there, and other good & important stuff. I Could Not WAIT to get back to SF when I'd graduated! Thanks, Greta!


Ah, yes, Jack Davis' birthday bash. I was also impressed by the lack of mouth-frothing. The strongest objection I heard was that the audience really hadn't consented to that sort of stage show.

I also remember a story about a gay porn movie breaking for dinner, and one of the actors, wearing a studded leather body harness, walks into a late-night chinese restaurant and gets served. A great topic for gossip, but no need to delay important questions like white rice or fried?

You have to love a city where the two biggest street parties on the calendar are the gay pride parade (okay, okay, the "LGBT pride parade and celebration") and the Folsom St. fair.

And yes, I relish the fact that the Armory didn't get turned into condos.

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