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Damn you, Greta! Because I know, see, I KNOW that the best city in the world is either Vancouver or Montreal. (I'm withholding judgement on Berlin until I get there.) And yet, what you've written is the nearest thing I've ever heard to persuading me I should move to the States after all. I must definitely at least visit.


God, I can't wait to graduate and move.


For a fabulous read about a mythical, post-apocalyptic San Francisco, check out Pat Murphy's "The City, Not Long After." Fresno wages war on SF and the artists repel the soldiers. It's a blast.


Until reading this, I only had two impressions of San Francisco in my small town New Zealand brain:

1. The TV show, "Full House".

2. My Dad's experience of visiting it briefly in the 70s (I'm paraphrasing here, probably remembering incorrectly, but this is what I remember him saying years ago) "All the men were big, gay and buffed up and they wouldn't speak to me because I'm short, fat and straight." Ha.

Chris Hallquist

OMS! I love the validation quote. Hey, at least the person understood what they were doing.

Jared Goddard

Now I know I must absolutely visit San Francisco. This is the best writing I've read all week. It's a shame that you haven't been able to get this published, it's a wonderful essay.


thanks so much for posting this! it really made me smile.


I love San Francisco. And I love that it has changed and will keep on changing. If it didn't change, it wouldn't be the city that it is. And I love that there's people who love San Francisco as much as me. (I had to move away for various reasons, and I miss it terribly, so I'm glad other people are dwelling there and marinating in the San Francisco-ness of it all.)

Um, and I lived next to the Burger Joint in the Lower Haight. Like spitting distance. I gained fifteen pounds off those happy free-range Niman Ranch burgers. Damn, they are AWESOME.


FYI, I AM a queer-positive, kink-positive, non-monogamy-positive therapist (as well as being all those things myself). Non-coincidentally, I live in Austin, TX ;)

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