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Then there's always the Ray Comfort Defence:

You can't accuse me of lying since you're an atheist and in your worldview there should be nothing wrong with lying (,cheating, pillage and murder)!

Robert Madewell

Warrens PR naightmare has made me a little sick. He controls a huge voting block. Everyone in his church probably voted for H8 because he told them to. Now, he's trying to back out of that? Not a smooth move for Warren. Shame on you, Rick!


Greta, are you on reddit? If so, I want to friend you. If not, sign up real quick and I will friend you. :)


Warning: I'm about to rant (not at you, just about the subject matter.)

Warren and every other dishonest public figure does this sort of thing daily. It's the MO for the fundies, neocons, and many members of the media (Bill O'Reilly comes to mind immediately). They all deny, lie, go back on what they say, try to focus the attention elsewhere, etc., etc. It's just what they do.

They get away with it because they are never questioned about it IN THE MOMENT. Larry King let it go in the interview. He gave Warren a pass. Larry King is a joke. (Sorry to shout there, but I wanted emphasis. Basically, if whoever is interviewing you doesn't call you on your shit in the moment, or if the interviewer doesn't call you on it hard enough, you get away with your little joke on the viewers of the program.)

I don't think enough people research what they read. They take things at face value; hence, the vast number of lemmings in our country.

Thanks for the post, Greta. Pam's House Blend is great. I really must go there more often.

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