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This sounds awesome and makes me wish I wrote erotica that's based in reality. :)

Greta Christina
This sounds awesome and makes me wish I wrote erotica that's based in reality. :)

Erotica for Fishnet doesn't have to be based in reality. I'll happily look at science fiction/ fantasy/ horror/ etc. erotica. No problem. Please don't let that stop you from submitting your work.


Oh, geez, now I gotta dig up that Hardy Boys fanfic I wrote a decade ago.


Is this available to writers outside the US? If so, I might consider writing an original piece up. I'd have to work on cutting it down a lot though, I don't think any of my sex scenes so far have been less than 8,000 words or so...


Glad you're back in business!

Greta Christina
Is this available to writers outside the US?

Yes. Definitely. Go for it.

The Beautiful Kind

Submitted mine this morning! It starts:

"We are lying side by side in bed. It’s dark and late, well after midnight. I’m tired, but my body prickles with a sixth sense, as if detecting energy from an unknown source, like an arriving summer storm..."

Claire B

Greta, you'll have to forgive my ignorance, but what are "curly quotes"? Are they what I would call proper quote marks, ie, those that are shaped like commas instead of just straight lines?

If so, how does one keep them out? Is there a particular font you have to write in? Because I normally use the default Times New Roman, and that has "curly quotes"/proper quote marks in.

Also, if proper quote marks do count as "special characters", are there any other frequently-used symbols that might count as such, that a person ignorant of such things might not think of?

Sorry, I realise I should probably know all of this!

Greta Christina

Claire B: Yes that's what "curly quotes" are. To keep them out, you don't have to change fonts -- you have to change the preferences on your word processing program.

Other special characters include curly apostrophes, long dashes (use two short hyphens instead, and if your word processing program automatically converts that to a long dash then set your preferences to make it stop), and diacritical marks not found in standard English. Essentially, anything that can bollox up a Web browser. You know how sometimes you see gobbledegook where there's clearly supposed to be punctuation? That's what we're trying to avoid. And we're trying to avoid making me do a "search and replace" to get rid of them in every piece we publish.

Claire B

Thank you!

J. J. Ramsey

I know nothing about writing erotic fiction, but I do know a thing or two about text editors. If you want plain text only, then I suggest that you forgo using a word processor at all and just use a plain text editor. Notepad will probably work, but there are other freeware and shareware text editors if you don't like Notepad or have a file that's too big for Notepad. If you have a Mac, Textedit should do just fine; just make sure to click the "Format Plain Text" menu item (or is it "Make Plain Text"?) beforehand.

And if you have a masochistic streak, there's Vim. :)

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