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I often add stale tortillas because there's always some lurking in my fridge. Cut the into bite-sized peices and saute in a little oil/butter/bacon grease til crispy and golden brown before adding the eggs.

Sometimes I mix small chunks of cheese in with the eggs rather than melting it on top.

El Mocho

I don't preheat the whole oven, but use the broiler. I cook my filling then cook the eggs on low until the bottom sets but the top is still runny. Then I run it under the broiler until the top firms up. I don't even close the oven door-- just stick the skillet in enough to sit under the broiler. I do move one rack all the way to the top so I don't kill my wrists holding the skillet steady.


Forgive my culinary ignorance, but what's the difference between a frittata and an omelet? I can see that one is baked and the other is fried, but how much difference does it make in the end product?

Greta Christina

Well, let's see. The eggy part of an omelette is typically somewhat flat, and it's a separate entity from the fillings: you fold the flat eggy part over around the fillings. A frittata is thicker, and the fillings are incorporated directly into the egginess. The difference in the end product is that it's more solid than an omelette, less messy, and more portable. (It's really closer to a quiche than it is to an omelette, only less custardy and without a crust.)

Hope that made sense. Some things are really hard to describe without being able to wave your hands around...

Cath the Canberra Cook

I can vouch for it that leftover pasta is a good option for a frittata filling. But if I have left over rice noodles, I tend to use them in okonomiyaki instead.

Rob C.

You made me *hungry*. Frittata? Want!

(sigh, maybe I'll have time tomorrow. Wonder what's in my fridge :-)

Food for thought, food for belly---I like this blog!

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