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Dan of the Kerr Handed

I am one of the many Kerr's who is left handed (also knows as Kerr Handed). I have heard that our family have more lefties than any other however i have no real evidence for this. There are a lot of us however through history, see this post

I always wonder just how difficult it must have been for members of my family. I wonder how many gay lefties we had. All i know is that i look damn fine in a kilt and no man or woman could resist me.

Nurse Ingrid

I think there is something sinister going on here...


Amendment 2 in Florida also passed, which amended our state constitution to ban gay marriage as well as civil unions.


My dad got his hand rapped at school for being left handed, but that didn't stop him. I've heard of one person who developed a stutter when they learned to become right handed. Pretty scary stuff... =


@ Dan of the Kerr Handed - Having done my undergraduate in Scotland (and being a Southpaw myself), I was very interested in the story of a castle built for lefties (it - and the legend of left-handed Kerr clansmen - were not uncommon to hear when people realized I was a lefty). Never got a chance to go to Ferniehirst Castle, though. Shame.


My mother was left-handed in grade school, and her teachers would whip her knuckles with a ruler whenever they caught her trying to write with her left hand. Today, she is ambidextrous, and writes with her left hand, mostly upside down.

I hope you're right about eventual acceptance of gays and others, but considering how long it's taken just to let women vote, and to allow other civil rights that were suppressed based on similar phobias...

Mike Williamson

There's a lot of residual bias against lefties - think of our words sinister mentioned above, and maladroit, for a more obscure example.

Umlud, you should visit the Welsh castles too, Conwy is a good example. There are typically 8 towers in a castle, and one of them was built with the stairwell going anticlockwise. 1 in 8 people were left handed, so they'd put all their left handed soldiers there so they'd have an advantage against their upwards-attacking enemies, not having their arm blocked by the stairs.

People are changing, eventually gay and lesbian people will be accepted. Next up: transphobia?

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