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Vic Torey-Paughn

I don't come out in support of the Jesus character often, but on this one, I'm agreed with you and with him.


This really pisses me off. When pharmacists are compelled to do their jobs (ie. supplying birth control) or laws are changed to allow stem cell research despite religious objections, or when catholic hospitals are criticised for failing to provide services that contradict their beliefs, or when the law compels adoption agencies, relationship counsellors, or marriage registrars to deal with homosexual couples, or indeed when any matter applying to society is conducted in a manner that is less than 100% accommodating to their superstitious crap, Catholics are normally the first to start vociferously complaining about how we (secularist bigots that we are) are failing to allow them their freedom of conscience.

Yet when it comes to individual Catholics disagreeing with The Mother Church, suddenly this enthusiasm for 'freedom of conscience' seems to evaporate. Stories like the one above, and this one about catholics who support abortion rights, make it clear that (in the eyes of the church) there is no such thing as individual freedom of conscience, only freedom to have their views fed to them by the Vatican.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking


It's times like this that I'm proud to be an apostate.


I'll add this one to my e'er growing list of reasons I'm glad I'm not Catholic anymore. Yeesh.

the chaplain

Seems to me that Father Farrow is a lot more like Jesus (the good one depicted in this post) than his leaders are. Father Farrow had compassion for gays and for the poor; his leaders apparently have little or no compassion for either group. Wait, I'll amend that last statement: his leaders have conditional compassion for the poor, as long as they swallow what the Church is squirting down their throats (and don't accept help from a gay-friendly priest).


I'm afraid it's difficult for me to muster much sympathy for Father Farrow. He willing joined and supported a hypocritical, corrupt and authoritarian organization that is grossly out of touch with reality. And if you're thinking that he became a priest only with the most noble motive, to help other people, that won't wash. He could have done that with any number of other religious or non-religious organizations, but he deliberately and carefully chose the Roman Catholic Church, knowing full well what he was getting into.

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