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Let the self-promotion begin! In my latest post I look at the tactics the 3 world religions (Islam, Christianity and of course Buddhism) used to spread so far and so wide.

Although there are some stereotypes (esp. with Islam and forced conversions) the situation is much more complicated than that, with all 3 using some clever marketing techniques.

Tim Mills

Have fun at the wedding!

Frozen Summers

Well.... my favourite of my recent songs (which you can download free) is Lift Your Hands although I release another one every weekend (this week will be number 83).

And there is the new Macquarie Uni Skeptics group (that you may have heard about on the skeptic zone podcast) that is about to receive me as an enthusiastic member.


My self-promotion: if you are interested in the nature of consciousness then have a look at my blog, Thoughts on thought, which you will find at

Brandon Goodell

Check out my blog: Atheist discussions and science! Recently, for Darwin Day, I implemented a big prisoner's dilemma simulation that produced very pretty results.

Juliana Marie

Been reading for a long time, occasional poster, VERY newbie blogger - some atheism, some sex, some politics, some introspection. Thanks for the self-promotion opportunity, and enjoy the celebration!


I like the self-promotion idea; as readers who love this blog will more likely write things I'm interested in. I'll definitely be checking out those blogs.

I'm also really new to blogging, but my idea was to talk about the intersection between science and Buddhism, in other words, what natural science can tell us about ethics and our worldviews. If this interests you, check it out and leave a comment; I'm much more likely to post more often if I think people are actually reading my ramblings ^_^

Have fun at the wedding Greta, I will miss your posts!


Hell, I'm shameless.

Looking forward to hearing what a Greta Christina'd Officiation looks like.

Anyway, if anyone is so inclined, please check out my blog, State of Protest, which, according to my little about thingy, is run by skeptics, atheists, and other alleged undesirables who assert that critical thinking and rational activism are key elements in making progress against the status quo of a religiously controlled world.

Or something like that.

(I wish I had my wedding officiated by someone like Greta Christina (and that's not fluffy fake flattery, either!) )


Self promotion: go read Epsilon Clue. Atheism, skepticism, politics, and whatever else tickles my fancy[*] at the moment.

[*] Greta, as a professional sex writer, I'm sure you've forgotten more about tickling fancies than I've ever known. You're more than welcome to stop by and share your expertise.


Well, I'd never turn down a request to plug my blog. Skeptic's Play is about physics, skepticism, atheism, and puzzles. Here's a recent post about theistic evolution.


Very newbie blogger here with a little blog called Millenial Thoughts. Mostly politics and atheism. Please stop by and check it out!


Greta, please tell Chip I said hi, and also congratulations!


Dave Haaz-Baroque

Whee, an invitation for shameless self-promotion!

For those of you that live in the San Francisco area, I'm the creator of a San Francisco-based puppetry troupe called 'The Shadow Circus Creature Theatre.' We do adult-orientated puppet shows using life-sized latex monsters - kind of like if the creatures from 'Dark Crystal' acted out scripts from 'South Park.'

In any case, many of our scripts definitely appeal to the skeptical audience. One of our productions last year made fun of the 'Ghost Hunters' TV show (the San Francisco Paranormal Society actually showed up to see it, even though we were blatantly making fun of the sort of thing they do), and in our present production (which will be performed in April) we make fun of 'The Secret.'

You can find out more about the troupe and our upcoming show at our official website:


media, tech, girls, montreal:



Masks of Eris

Shameless self-promotion? Sure!

Do you know there's an official application for those who want to be Atheist Minions?
(25% off in select stores.)

Robert Madewell

Read my blog.

I use my blog as a ranting platform. I also periodically post my webcomics and plan to post them more often.

Vixen Strangely

So, I finally stop lurking and comment on this blog for self-promotion--so typical of me, alas.

By way of introduction,

Politics, atheism, the odd bit of civil rights stuff. Movie reviews, and leg-pulling. (No, even I'm not always sure when I'm doing leg-pulling.)

Heidi Anderson

Atheism, feminism, parenting, and sex from the fat one in the middle.


Here's a plug for my blog The Unreligious Right. It's mostly politics from a right-wing atheist. Opposing/differing viewpoints are welcome.

Jen R

I don't really write on atheist issues per se, but I write from an explicitly secular humanist viewpoint. My blog is called Turn the Clock Forward, and it's pro-contraception, pro-sex-ed, pro-LGBT-rights, and consistent life ethic.

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