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Reading the comment thread over at Savage's column makes me seriously angry. I should stop subjecting myself to that stuff. Anyway, I really hope you've sent this to Savage.

However, I have a sinking suspicion that if he does respond to you, it'll be the horrifically offensive "Well, you may be an all right bi woman, Greta, but that just means my comment wasn't about you. I was only writing about the bad bisexuals."


Is Lesbonia a real place? Do they sell tickets?

Jon Berger

Can I just add a tangential point? The other reason that Savage's advice was bad is that Xanax isn't a friggin' joke. It's extremely weird stuff, undoubtedly a blessing for people afflicted with real, clinical, lie-on-the-floor-in-fetal-position anxiety attacks, but a really bad idea for just smoothing out life's little annoyances like your significant other's sexuality not being up to your standards. I had a doc, a number of years ago, who prescribed it as a sleeping medicine, and it worked extremely well, except that I couldn't go to sleep without it and I started having blackouts. I understand that Savage doesn't purport to be a doctor, but still, that was some seriously bad medical advice he was handing out there.


When I read that answer I thought it was appropriate and funny. Thank you for educating me, Greta!

The Ridger

There may be a certain amount of "if you date a bisexual you're asking for it" here, too. But I think he probably does think bis always end up going hetero.

And on that topic, may I add how annoyed I am that House has "settled Hadley down" by giving her a male lover?


Savage seems to have a need to put people in straight/gay boxes. He's very narrow-minded about that.

Crystal D.

You know, I used to think that my lover leaving me for another woman would be horrible, but leaving me for another man would be much worse. Then I dated someone with a gambling addiction, and I realized that nothing can sting like being left for a slot machine... The other person's sex (if it's even a person) shouldn't have anything to do with it.


Amen, sister! Savage is wrong here, and you are absolutely right. Thanks for saying what I was thinking, but better.


Savage's latest column gives strong evidence for Option 3.


Is there any chance you could publish your linked articel again/somewhere else? Because the link is dead now...

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