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Marley Fitz

Sorry Greta,

I only have time to tell you ONE thing about my sex life right now.

1. I spent almost the entire morning perusing your favorite porn site...spankingtube.

As a result of this, I found that I am deeply turned on by the thought of being spanked. I visited my husband at work (he's a firefighter)and discussed it with him. He believes he can accomadate me. I believe his words were something like "I'd love to beat your ass."

But, now it's early evening and I realize that I am having the carpets in our house cleaned tomorrow morning and I was suppose to spend today moving furniture and shit out of each room for the cleaners.

So, Off I go now.....hoping I can stay away from said website this evening.



I made up this rhyme for a completed unrelated reason, and I just had to share with my favorite blogger (and only blogger whose name I remember, for that matter)

If you're gay, that's okay, cause hey, we all have the urge in some way! Don't dismay, we can be friends today, cause it's all the same when we're at the cafe. It's not your fault if you swing that way, maybe your parents just f***** at the wrong time of day, just don't be handing me any bouquets,okay?

And now to share something about myself, cause you a whole 25 things with all of us:

1: Although I never have and never will like misogyny, I have a lot of fantasies involving choking women.


Re: the unsettling darkness of your fantasies. I wonder if #7 & #8 have basically the same source. Not having sex with men = fantasies about men. Maybe a sunny disposition and respect for consent = fantasies about coercion.

Sean the Blogonaut

Thankyou for sharing and for letting us in on those two sites. One thing for sure is that nobody is as straight-laced as you think

cheeze girl

I love this post. I found that I really related to a few of yours: 2, 8 and 22. As for 22, my boyfriend and I were doing the long distance thing for 6 months and I wrote an ongoing story most of that time. I clearly lack your self control though, as I would get about 1 page down and then desperately seek some release!

As for 8, I have a very similar situation. I think it is part of the sunny disposition though. We all have a dark side, I think it must have a different outlet for us all. I also enjoy dark humor, for much the same reason. It is the ying to my yang (so to speak)


Wow, we have so much in common (besides gender).

8, 9, 10, 18, 19, 22, 23

I've been writing S&M porn (always male Dominant, female submissive, never reverse) for as long as I can remember. I started writing when I was 13 or so and I've never stopped, I'm 29 now.

My stories can get incredibly long, 100+ pages easy, epics that take weeks to write, all of the nonconsensual/forced consensual (blackmail, etc) variety, with heavy doses of humiliation. All just for my own benefit, I've never really shared it with anyone.

I think I'd be happy to just write all day every day, there never seems to be enough time. I've always had more story ideas than time to put them on paper, and per your #22 I have to wait until I'm done to finish myself off or I lose all energy to continue. So I always wait until I just can't anymore (though I'm a pleasure-delayer by nature so this comes easily).


... oh, lots of forced orgasm in my stories as well.

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