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Greta, I'm gonna be a little off topic but it's still about sexual liberation. I'm trying to spread the word about the latest article at freethinker co uk. Please, have a look. It's back to the Middle Ages for someone in the U.S.


Some of the things you mention remind me of the analyses of Herbert Marcuse, like:

"And I learned that, despite all that, mass culture can still have a pretty retrograde idea of what constitutes sexual liberation. "

It is a good time to read, or re-read, "Eros and Civilization" and "One-Dimensional Man".

Marcuse uses the term "repressive sublimation" to indicate how our society selectively uses sexuality to maintain the established authority. You can find more at:


Another book worth looking up is Natalie Angier's "Woman:An Intimate Geography".

She is interviewed by Charlie Rose. It is about 28 minutes into this youtube.

In another interview she describes herself as a "radical die-hard atheist".


ugh, idiotic religious college campus site blocking.... I can't read you're blowfish column. :(

Anyway, will try later on another connection, I like this blog. Thanks for writing it!

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