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I'm betting that the habit of "taking office supplies home from work" had an entirely different meaning there, though. ;-)

C. L. Hanson

Sounds like a fun job!

I wouldn't worry about becoming "jaded" so much as I'd worry about sex turning into a chore. Such as: your partner brings home a cool new sex toy and wants to try it out, and you think "Honey, I just want to relax and not think about work right now..." ;)


Great article.

nina hartley

Yup, that's been my experience too, Greta. The more I know about sex, the better I like it and the better it is when I have some.

Spot on, as usual!

the chaplain

Being relaxed about sex doesn't make sex boring. It makes it that much easier to fully experience just what it is that's exciting about it.

Well said and exactly right.


Yup, that's been my experience too, Greta. The more I know about sex, the better I like it and the better it is when I have some.

I take you are one of the lucky few who enjoy their jobs, then?

advance people

to the author:
Your not jaded. Period. We understand that.

what you have done to yourself is not normal. you have evolved into loving sexual relations to more of a degree than a normal person by being exposed to sexual related topics more than a normal person (sex toys, lubes, people talking about sex, more exposure thru the working environment)

this is due to too much exposure to sexual relations...evolving you to be more relaxed to what normal sex standard is. evolving you to adapt to your own perception of what normal is, fun and too over the top kinky or bizarre).......

you merely evolved into a human not in normal circumstances and you gained beliefs in the idea that what you see and think is normal sex practices....which kinky, enlarged penises bigger than that of a normal or average sized are used to pleasure your self to achieve senses of climax. Now that you have gotten use to the fulfillment and excitement at that level(enlarged sex toys bigger than whats normal) you no longer obtain the same pleasure level of climax from what used to be normal, as the new kinky, erotic, oversized sexual objects that you have evolved to using thinking good of it, have taken you to a whole new climax higher than previous level of pleasure or climax. this is normal propeties of evolution, Once you start that evolution process of advancing yourself, you cant undo what you have already been exposed to. Youve Forced yourself to love evolution. This in turn shifts your prospective to what normal was and is as the new normal level of satisfaction for yourself. Satisfaction to a new level of excitement or love is normal to evolution always striving for more feeling and sensations. Always striving for the highest level of satisfaction or climax.

youll be forever an addict to love and sexual pleausre. Always seeking the next big sexual rush or excitment/climax, chasing the thrill is what makes us human but this in fact is part of the evolution process.

Now that a normal sized 5.5 in penis wont satisfy you as it would a normal human without exposure. you now will require oversized 8 inch and bigger to obtain your current state climaxing peak. This process evolutionized you now to be eligable to accept bigger penis to reach the same hightest climax point youve once obtained. When you ride a roller coaster the first time it was new and exciting, if you ride that ride over and over again you wont achieve that same level of excitement as you did the first 5 times you took the roller coaster ride, this by nature is part of being human, you evolved to liking stronger bigger faster roller coaster to achieve your new level of excitement.

So youre not jaded,

youve just evolved into a abnormal woman with huge exposure to sexual obejct. and im sure it shows in your personality type.

youve elvoved into a open, non personalized, used up to a dagree normal isnt normal anymore... if people like her and her ideas are normal. what is really a normal standard. As this woman set new standards for society follow as normal. what is normal anymore??? is it normal to seek pleausre from oversized ABNORMAL Sexual objects. This AUTHOR has skewed a preception of normal and what is normal from overexposure not jaded. PERIOD. youve been overexposed to sexual perception. and that is the real topic of concern.

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