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J. J. Ramsey

Somehow, I couldn't help but think of the XKCD strip graphing the effect of cat proximity on humans, or at least, cat-loving humans.

the chaplain

It's good to see Lydia. I look forward to many more pics of her, now that you're technologically functional again. :)


The graph JJ mentions applies to dog-lovers too: our dogs seem to absorb IQ points from us.

Greta Christina

I have no idea what you're talking about, J.J. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go snorgle my wuzza and give her big belly-rubs. :-)

Paul Crowley

a very classic Lydia expression: very intent, and at the same time very blank. Looking like she wants something very badly, but isn't quite sure what.

Sounds familiar...


So... what kind of camera phones?

I'm hoping to turn the comment thread into a gadget war of some sort! I mean, what use are comment threads on the internet, if not to argue about gadget superiority?

She is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

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