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That's it? I was hoping for something a little steamier. Although the thought of Biden getting busy is a little disturbing ;-)


This post made my day. People think I'm nuts when I tell them my dreams. Clearly, you're just as nuts as I am!

Paul Crowley

He looks so much like a doctor when you say it I had to look up Wikipedia to see if the oncologist thing was true! I have a clear picture now of him with a stethoscope listening to your heart.

Although in my mental image, this consultation takes place in the Oval Office...

People think I'm nuts when I tell them my dreams.

As Greta epxlained in another post, dreams, real dreams that people have, are entirely non-sensical. Of course, this makes many of them uninteresting, so dreams on TV always have plots, and are full of significant symbolism.

However, real dreams are nuts!

Bill Brent

My first image of God, at the age of four, was a white male doctor, maybe age 30, with a quiet and kindly demeanor, dark hair, and glasses. Oh, and that white lab coat ... angelic? I don't remember, but I'm sure he must have had a real-life counterpart at the military base hospital where my family was seen.


You're right! He DOES look like a doctor! How funny. I've been having all kinds of stupid, or sad, or plain nonsensical dreams lately (or rather I guess I should say, I've been remembering them), but recently I had the best: I was Joss Whedon's personal tour guide while he was on a visit to San Francisco!


He does look a touch like Howard Dean. Maybe your brain took a leap from his wife to him. There are all of these pictures of "Dr. Biden" on the Huffington Post web site. She does look very fetching in that red dress.

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