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Rev. Bob

Keep on going. I'd like to offer one improvement: keep the unintentionally funniest commenters around long enough so that we can play with them before you eat them.

gruntled atheist

Very nice comment policy. I wish sometimes that people who put up very long comments would post a summary and a link instead.

Greta Christina
I wish sometimes that people who put up very long comments would post a summary and a link instead.

Good idea. I'm amending the comment policy to incorporate it. Thanks.


Of course, while it's a given that any blogger has the right to moderate as they see fit, including banning all comments, it should be noted that those who choose to not allow any comments - or not allow any disagreement - generally take a lot of flak elsewhere in the blogosphere. Hell, it seems that banning comments in general is a tacit admission that your arguments won't hold up to rational argument. That's not always the case, of course - sometimes it's just people new to blogging shifting in from an older form of media who aren't used to taking comments - but it seems to happen quite a bit.

Greta Christina

Just to clarify, infophile: I'm not suggesting that I'd ban all comments from my blog. It's hard to imagine ever doing that: comments are easily half the fun of blogging, if not more.

I'm talking about banning all comments from a particular commenter. And I wouldn't do it because I disagreed with the content of their comments. (In fact, one of the two people I've banned from this blog was someone who was taking my side in an argument.) I think even a cursory look at the comments in this blog would make it clear that I not only allow disagreement, but encourage it.

I realize that people who get banned (or otherwise restricted, including getting warnings about potentially being banned) may well accuse me of doing so to stifle their opinion. There's not much I can do about that, though, except try to be consistent about my comment policy, and make sure in my own conscience that that's not what I'm doing.


So... is now the right time to mention to everyone the SUPER CHEAP DEALS I have on all the COMPLETELY NATURAL MEDICINE I offer to INCREASE BLOODFLOW TO THE SEXUAL ORGAN OF YOUR CHOICE and give you MIND-BLOWING ORGASMS?

(Offer void to pancreas fetishists.)

Bruce Gorton

Not too sure where to put things you might be interested in, but this, is something special:


Not that I'm anyone, but I thought I'd toss in my appreciation for the time and effort you put into this. It couldn't have been something you wanted to do.

Good to see you cutting off the "censorship!" cry at the pass.


A fair and sound policy all-around, I must say, though I humbly request, in the event you find one of my comments inappropriate, I'd rather have it deleted completely than edited. Not that I'm so vain as to think I'm likely to stand out from the crowd enough to yiu'll remember my specific request so much as pointing out that there are people out there who feel this way, and it might be something to keep in mind in the process of moderating your blog.


I love your blog! your views on atheism and feminism. I specially love your weightloss( for want of a better word) pieces. Exactly my feelings- only so well articulated. Sorry for commenting here- but I did not know where else to. I bookmarked you only a few days ago- and am just wondering why like PZ Myers' and Hemant Mehta' blogs, I did not do so earlier.

Timothy (TRiG)

Rereading this, I'm surprised I've never mentioned how much I love it.



Greta, I posted a fairly anodyne comment to your most excellent article on Atheist Seal of Approval article (it was comment #6). It made it to the comment section, but then disappeared seconds later.

Just curious, was it something I said?

Thanks in advance, L7

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