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Sadly, the LGBT community will have to do nothing to have my support. I agree with what you wrote: I view discrimination against gays as a holdover from archaic and irrelevant religious attitudes. This attitude is built-in to my worldview now; that gays are to straight as water is to wet; we are of the same species, we are brothers and sisters, and all deserve equality under the law and in society.

I say "sadly" because I agree, it would be a grand thing for our communities to join voices.


Good post!

I think the reason is that Atheism is anti "Religions", which is where all of the bigotries came from. You have to be against racist, sexism, homophobia, pro-life... etc. You cannot pick and choose if you are atheist.

On the other hand the LGBT community (at least part of) are mostly fighting for their own sexuality choices.

If you are an atheist, I find it very hard to be a sexist or racist, because the core idea of atheism is equality of all human beings. But if you are L or G or B or T, there's nothing stopping you to be a racist or religious nuts.

Leisha Camden

The curse of magical thinking, unfortunately, falls on straight and gay equally.

Very interesting post, thanks for sharing your thoughts. :-)


Just to mention Pharyngula again, Argentina legalizing gay marriage is highlighted today. Under the heading "Argentina does the right thing. This is also news in a few other atheist blogs (Joe My God, The Freethinker, Atheist Nexus). And the crowing post in alt.atheism ("Another VICTORY Over Bigotry!!").

Mike Tidmus, like Greta, is a gay and atheist blogger, so I won't count him.


As a feminine queer woman, sometimes I feel like the atheist community is more supportive of my QUEERNESS than the queer community is. No one in the atheist community is going to question "how queer you are" if you don't "look butch enough."
Usually, the LGBTQ community is great. But there is a strong tendency to assume that everyone who is different is by definition the same. This is why we have actually had to fight internally to recognize that bisexuals, transgendered folks are real and logical allies. Isn't that silly? How is that even an argument for a community founded by people who demanded that their desires were good and worthy of recognition? There is still a lot of exclusion in the LGBTQ community as transgendered people are thrown under the buss of "alliance building" with people who have no business acting as our allies.

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