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the chaplain

Thanks for another nice post.

It's bad enough for religionists to compete in a marketplace of religious ideas. The only good thing for them in that situation is that all religions are pretty much equally handicapped, so no one wins or loses - it's all one big draw. But, to compete in a broader marketplace of ideas in which all propositions and conclusions are not equally handicapped, and in which a draw is impossible - whoa, baby, they've got trouble now.


Another good one.

Norman Doering

Vote! Today is your last chance.


Gosh, but I love the way your reasonableness translates so clearly into words :-)

King Aardvark

I was just thinking furiously about the same thing, and I must admit that you covered all my thoughts much more eloquently that I did. I'm currently participating in an Alpha Course (intro to Christianity) with my wife, and I think science vs theology will be touched on briefly next class. FYI: the course believes that science is basically a "second bible" in that it explains God not through words but through the natural world, but it equally supports theology. I think they call theology "the queen of the sciences" or some such nonsense.


You can argue against ID with just two words: external testicles.


There are different philosophical positions on this account, even among the scientists. Rationalists think that science cannot prove anything, since they deny proof by induction, but most empiricists and realists are quite certain that there are no gods, based on the available scientific evidence.

Weary Muse

The one question I'm left with after reading this post is "What has taken the place of religion on the Pedestal of Respect and Veneration?" Political correctness seems like a good candidate, but even that is losing its hold in some circles.


Excellent post once again, Greta. This is one for me to cut out and quote, filed under "I wish I'd written It". :)


Awesome post. Your writing is captivating. I love you. Was that awkward when I said I love you just then? I should probably take that out. Anyway, awesome post.

Shane van der Poll

Try telling that to rastafarians! That said, ever met a rastafarian scientist, or is that an oxymoron?

Shane van der Poll

Try telling that to rastafarians! That said, ever met a rastafarian scientist, or is that an oxymoron?

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